Hospital Reels and Pouches

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Hospital Reels and Pouches
Sterilization Reels Of Paper Design To Meet The Sterilization Requirement, Efficient Penetration And Resorption Of Sterilizing Agents.

Preservation Of Mechanical And Microbial Barrier Properties Though Out The Sterilization Process, One Layer Protected With Complete Bacterial Barrier Clean Peel Tinted Blue Or Green Film, Sterilization Indicator Printed For The Sterilization Of Steam, Form And Eo, Suitable For Effective Steam Sterilization Method Product suitable for: 1. Steam sterilization 2. EO sterilization 3. FORM sterilization Up To 134 Degree °C /15-min.

Product suitable for :
  • Steam sterilization
  • EO sterilization
  • FORM sterilization

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